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Usability Designs

"I am founder of a startup company. Bill helped us with user stories, single-handedly designed wireframes and mockups and carried out user testing. He worked well with the other team members, and we were extremely happy with his work. I highly recommend him. He is fast and thorough, easy to work with, and he focuses on what he gives rather than on what he takes."    
  Alex Bäcker, QLess founder, inventor, board director, technologist.

“If you want a successful product, test and revise. If you want a great project, one that can change the world, let it be driven by someone with a clear vision. The latter presents more financial risk, but it is the only path to greatness.”           Donald Norman, Emotional Design

Upgrading our Knowledge Infrastructure PDF

ABC Spinner and ABC Wheel
To raise the literacy level of the USA and planet Earth.
These are user-centered English alphabets displays that make it easier
for students to learn and use the English alphabet.
I want to put an ABC Wheel onto every child's desk.
I want to out an ABC Rug into every K-2 classroom.
I want to make ABC mobile games that every child can play.