Technical Editing

Because Bill Lauritzen has a background in many different fields including chemistry, physics, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, astronomy, cognitive psychology, philosophy, law, English, etc., he can quickly edit your technical papers and improve the chances of acceptance. Bill's mother was a journalist and editor, and Bill was formerly the editor of the English edition of the Xiamen University Magazine.

He has already edited many dozens of technical research papers, a research proposal, speeches, a book review, a voice-over, a final exam, a dissertation, Amazon advertisements, and one book--in subjects including: artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, philosophy, chemistry, art history, and English. He will beat any price you have been given by another professional editor or editing company. Send him your draft at bill360360 AT gmail DOT com or add him on WeChat: Lauritzen999 and he will give you a fee estimate. Also send him which is your primary targeted journal for publication.

Some titles he has edited include:

A Visual Attention Model for Dynamic Scenes Based on Motion Features

An Asynchronous Introspection Theory about Phenomenal Consciousness

Optimizing human-robot social interaction through non-verbal affective computing

In Situ Study on Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence in Western South China Sea

A Comparative Research on the History and Trend of Chinese and Japanese Galleries from the Perspective of Cultural Studies

Improved Deep Spatio-Temporal Inference Network using an Online Expectation-Maximization Algorithm

On the Complexity of Fibring Logics