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I get bored easily. As an unintended result, I have taught at 115 different schools, in seven different school districts, in three different nations (U.S., China, and one Native American Reservation), as both a regular and substitute teacher, over a 43 year period. I estimate that I have taught in over 1100 different classrooms, to over 100,000 students.

I have taught every grade level from kindergarten through college senior, at primary schools, middle schools, high schools, alternative high schools, adult schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities. I have taught at private schools, public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, schools for the severely handicapped, schools for pregnant teens, Native American schools, traditional schools, alternative schools, Montessori schools, Progressive (Dewey) schools, religious schools, year-round schools, art schools, films schools, language immersion schools, and summer schools. I have taught at inner-city schools surrounded by gangs and graffiti, and suburban schools surrounded by squirrels and parks. I have taught at schools with one dominant ethnic group and schools with twenty-six different ethnic groups.

I have taught students who were average, gifted, blind, deaf or hard-of-hearing, pregnant, physically handicapped, severely physically handicapped, cognitively impaired, chromosome-impaired, brain damaged, hyperactive, at-risk of failing, autistic, emotionally handicapped, severely emotionally handicapped, three years old, and sixty years old. I have taught nerds, geniuses, jocks, motivated students, unmotivated students, learning disabled students, and epileptic students.

I have taught classes that were traditional, discovery, experiential, self-paced, computer-assisted, game-focused, theme-focused, calculator-focused, and problem-focused. I have taught using lectures, activities, small groups, projects, journals, white boards, chalk boards, video tapes, audio tapes, web sites, computer labs, and songs.

Subjects I have taught include mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, statistics, calculus, computer programming, computer applications, math for artists and designers, general science, earth science, life science, biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, social studies, US history, world history, art, ceramics, photography, computer graphics, drama, choir, band, physical education (modern dance, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, swimming, volleyball, cheer leading, dodge ball, etc.), English, English literature, Shakespeare, Latin, Spanish, business English, study skills, general psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, gender studies, developmental psychology, critical thinking, health, careers, oral English, English as a Second Language (ESL), U.S. Citizenship.

I have taught many special math and reading programs such as the Keck Math Program, University of Chicago’s Mathematics Program, and Berkeley’s Interactive Mathematics Project (IMP).

I have tutored one-on-one many thousands of hours.

Additionally, I have coached several swim teams, and given hundreds of hours of private swim lessons. (I was ranked in the Top Ten in the World by Swim Magazine in master’s swimming.)

I sought out the most experienced teachers at the schools I taught at in order to learn from them. The 115 Schools I have taught at are:

Subjects I have studied in formal institutions (there are many other subjects I have studied on my own):