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by Bill Lauritzen

Free On-line Psychology Test

In the upper left corner is free personality test (Jung Typology Test). Print out the two explanations of your results when you are done. Go to this site and take the free "Jung Typology Test" (also called Myers-Briggs personality test). There are no right and wrong answers. 

Personality Test (Myers-Briggs) Jung Typology Test

Perceptual Illusions

Perceptual Illusions

Evolutionary Psychology

Go to this site and scroll down to the article called "Evolutionary Psychology Primer." Read the article. 

Evolutionary Psychology

Psychological Disorders

Go to this site and pick one disorder that you find interesting and read about it.


Critical Thinking A: Million Dollar Challenge

Go to this site (James Randi) and win $1,000,000 if you can demonstrate psychic powers in a controlled laboratory setting. Randi is based in Florida.

Critical Thinking B: Societies

see Links page.

Critical Thinking C: The Invention of God 

Read my book, "The Invention of God." Decide if you think this book would help someone to become a critical thinker...if you like, email me your thoughts. 

The Invention of God

Memory: Chunking

Read the article: "The ABC Wheel and the Symmetrical Good Thinking Alphabet." Do you think this design will help students to learn the alphabet faster and remember it better? Why or why not? 

The ABC Wheel

Language and Thought

Study the Speakeasy Math Word List. Do you think this list would help students to learn math faster? Why? What experiment could be done to test your answer?

Speakeasy Math   

Look at the Mind-Slang word list. Do you think this list would help students to learn psychology?


Educational Psychology

Go to this page and pick out an essay on educational psychology to read. 


Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning

Go to this web site (click here) and then click on the "Classical Conditioning" experiment, and do it. Then do the "Operant Conditioning" experiment.: Intelligence