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by Bill Lauritzen

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Visual Calculus
by Mamokin

Go to this link at the Cal Tech web site to find some amazing animations by Mamikon. One of the great living mathematicians of our age.

Paleolithic Diet
by Dr. Ben Balzer

Other Links:


Visit and explore the following critical thinking sites:

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal CSICOPS pronounced "psych-cops." Based in New York State.

Skeptic Society Society founded by Michel Shermer near Pasadena. 

National Center for Science Education

Skeptic News

Scam Busters tired of getting emails from friends about "great deals." Send them the info from this site. Find out the latest internet scams.

Urban Legends this site archives many urban legends and also posts the latest ones going around. 

Ancient History

The Egyptian Book of the Dead On-line version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Wallis Budge's translation which I consider the best. Read it and make up your own mind.

Geopolymer Institute, France Dr. Davidovits, a geopolymer chemist, was the first to come up with the idea that the Great Pyramids were poured like cement. On this site you can find out the latest technical information about this ongoing research, and get the latest copy of his book. 

Margaret Morris Web Site Ms. Morris co-authored the book with Dr. Davidovits about constructing the Great Pyramids. She has her own book on the topic soon to be available at this site. Lots of interesting information from another independent scholar.

Robert Schoch's Homepage Dr. Schoch is a geologist who believes that the Sphinx is far older than we think. (Voices of the Rocks.) Although I don't agree with everything he writes, and his Sphinx theory may well be wrong, his book is a refreshing attempt at a scientific approach to a field that is inundated with wishful thinking. 

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found A Brazilian researcher independently came to the same conclusion that I did: that Atlantis was located on the Sunda Plain in Southeast Asia. He has done a lot of work on this site and it is worth visiting.   

Egyptian Measuring Systems New investigations into the earliest Egyptian measuring systems by independent scholar Graham Oaten.

Doug's Archeology Site Links to all kinds of sites. 

Guardian's Egypt Lots of photos of Egypt on an award winning site.

The Upuaut Project Probing the Great Pyramid with a robot.

The Sphinx Temple 

The Internet Classics Archive



Planetary Society

Long Now Foundation

General Semantics

Drive Yourself Sane An excellent introduction to General Semantics by Susan and Bruce Kodish.

Perceptual Control Theory

Control Systems Group