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My Family

by Bill Lauritzen

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author_photos_Lauritzen_greatgrandparents_s.jpg (90319 bytes)
My great-grandparents on my mother's side of the family. He was some kind of mining engineer near St. Louis. They were both born near St. Louis. His ancestor had immigrated from France.

author_photos_family16.jpg (58781 bytes)
I think this is my mother, Patricia Simpson, as a child in Southern Illinois. 

Wally Simpson
(no photo currently available)
My grandfather and my mother's father.
Wally Simpson died when my mother was in her mid-twenties. 

author_photos_family22.jpg (22046 bytes)

My mother before her marriage. 

author_photos_family4.jpg (27739 bytes)
My Dad and Mom getting married. 

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My parents wedding.

author_photos_baby1e.jpg (177088 bytes)
As a baby. 

author_photos_youth1e.jpg (91276 bytes)
Living in St. Charles, Illinois with brother (left) and sister (background). Around 1956.

author_photos_familydog.jpg (20077 bytes)
Out family dog always felt sympathy for us kids when we cried. 

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My older sister, Jonni, as a child. 

author_photos_family8.jpg (55174 bytes)
The family all together. 

author_photos_family15_apr58.jpg (40323 bytes)
April 1958, with all my siblings. I'm on the right. 

 author_photos_family9.jpg (28987 bytes)
The family cat.

author_photos_family10.jpg (64765 bytes)
Myself and my older sister, at the house on Indiana Street. I lived there till about 3rd grade. 

author_photos_family3.jpg (37760 bytes)
Christmas with father, Henry Lauritzen, and my older sister.

author_photos_family21_jan59.jpg (22478 bytes)
Jan 1959.

author_photos_family20_jul59.jpg (28201 bytes)
July 1959, the four of us at the Alamo with my older cousin, Jerry Campbell.

author_photos_family19_aug60.jpg (24491 bytes)
Aug 1960, probably my brother's B-Day party.

author_photos_family5_sep61.jpg (50710 bytes)
I took this picture of mother, brother, sisters.

author_photos_family11_sep61.jpg (56744 bytes)
My older sister must have taken this picture.

author_photos_family12_may61.jpg (47878 bytes)
My father, Henry Lauritzen. 

author_photos_family23.jpg (46313 bytes)
My younger sister Tracey Lauritzen. She went on to become a civil transportation engineer. She also refurbishes antique furniture. 

author_photos_family18_jan61.jpg (25303 bytes)
My father, Henry Lauritzen, and mother, Pat Millington. 

author_photos_family6_sep61.jpg (41272 bytes)
My younger brother, Peter Lauritzen. 

author_photos_family13_sep61.jpg (47838 bytes)
Sep 1961, in front of the house on 5th street, just across the street from Shelby school.

author_photos_family7_may63.jpg (41864 bytes)
May 1963, at the side of the house on 5th street where I used to lift weights.

Lauritzen_photos_family_swim_chicago_swim_club_s.jpg (187241 bytes)
All four of us at the Chicago Swim Club.

author_photos_family17_sep63.jpg (30319 bytes)
Sep 1963, probably at my birthday party. I'm flanked by both sisters. 

author_photos_swim1e.jpg (55552 bytes)
Illinois state swim champion

6th Grade Picture Mr. Biddle.jpg (374244 bytes)
Sixth grade, third row, fifth column

author_photos_family2.jpg (20660 bytes)
Grandmother, Pauline, and grandfather, John, around 1965.  

Swimteam 1968.jpg (62265 bytes)
Team Picture, myself, front row, second from right

author_photos_swim4s.jpg (133831 bytes)
Some fans cheering for me. Assistant Coach on the left is Randy Cunningham, who went on to become 
a fighter ace in Viet Nam and is now a US Congressman.  

author_photos_swim3.jpg (49509 bytes)
Charlie Nieman and myself, 1st and 2nd in Illinois State Meet, 1968. Charlie led a fast life and died of MS at the age of 42. He was a larger-than-life figure that influenced many people, including my family.

author_photos_school1.jpg (61471 bytes)
Myself, Bill Lauritzen, and high school jocks from other sports.

swimchamp2.jpg (41157 bytes)
Myself after winning high school state in breastroke, 1968.

author_photos_swim2.jpg (9589 bytes)

author_photos_highschool1e.jpg (104032 bytes)
High school yearbook photo, 1969.

author_photos_swim_fans1e.jpg (269053 bytes)
Some swim fans: mother father and friends.

 wpe5.jpg (43607 bytes)
Basic training, 1969, front, 3rd from left. We got in trouble about something. Only 2 went on to be successful officers. Only one, the one whom you would have least thought, made a career of the Air Force.

author_photos_academy1e.jpg (98152 bytes)
My first year at Academy, 1970.

36 th squadron.jpg (142711 bytes)
 USAF Academy, 2nd row, 5th column.

author_photos_college1.jpg (32558 bytes)
Escorting a debutante. 

author_photos_academy2e.jpg (211308 bytes)
After an F-4 Ride, Germany, 1971. 

     team captain AF_edited.jpg (66957 bytes) 
Team captain, USAF Academy, 1973.   

author_photos_academy3.jpg (37230 bytes)
Graduation photo, 1973. 

sputnikmodel2.jpg (34994 bytes)
Visiting sputnik at science museum.

boating.jpg (46158 bytes)
Going scuba diving, around 1988.

author_photos_sportscar.jpg (55178 bytes)
With my MG and a beard.

author_photos_adult1_86.jpg (24464 bytes)
In the summer of 1986, I worked as a movie extra all summer. Here I played an army major.

author_photos_adult4_86.jpg (47809 bytes)
I played a senator in this movie about LBJ. I was cut from the final picture. 

author_photos_adult2_86.jpg (67705 bytes)
Playing around on the set.

author_photos_adult3_86.jpg (34299 bytes)
I guess I played a farmer here.

headshot2.jpg (38791 bytes)
Living in Hollywood, around 1986.

author-adamsclass1992.jpg (32463 bytes)
Teaching summer school, Adams Middle School, around 1992

author-office.jpg (32353 bytes)
Living in Hollywood, around 1993

  sitting.jpg (29471 bytes)

     wpeF.jpg (20759 bytes)
Visiting North Carolina, around 1997   

artsy2.jpg (39211 bytes)

   goatee.jpg (20199 bytes)

author-indonesianfriends.jpg (46187 bytes)
Visiting Indonesia, 1997

author-indonesiafriendsb.jpg (55073 bytes)
Visiting Indonesia, 1997

author_photos_beach_thailand1.jpg (19103 bytes)   
Visiting Thailand, Aug 1998..

author-elephant.jpg (59667 bytes)
Visiting Thailand, Aug 1998.

teachingnumbers.jpg (34150 bytes)
Teaching my new number system in Glendale, around 1999

author_photos_family1.jpg (28038 bytes)
Grandma Audrey Lind, at 93, Bill Lauritzen, older sister, 2002. 
More photos of Audrey

wpe2.jpg (13254 bytes)
Businessman, 2006