Here’s a bunch of family photos that I recently scanned into my computer.
Family Photos
swim meet
school photo
brother school photo
school photo
state meet victory
chicago swim club
christmas time
me and sister
1960 father me sister
mother and her friends
school photo
swim meet
school photo
brother school photo
school photo
state meet victory
school photo
school photo
me and sister jonni
school photo
parent’s wedding
me sister and friend
me and siblings Jan 1959
apr 60 me and sister
apr 60 me on beach
me and siblings 05
christmas 58
mother feb 58
apr 60
me as swimmer
aurora YMCA swimmer
tracey nov 1963
5th street
Jan 1959
School Photo High School
School Photo grade school
school photo grade
swim team photo
Baby picture
AFA squadron photo
grandmother and mother
me and siblings and dog
me and siblings
me and siblings 04
me and relay team
me and father
me on bike
peter tracey birthday 1960
mother me and others
peter and mom
dad and me
mother sister car
school photo
mother, aunt carol, grandma
Sister Jonni
brother peter
Grandpa John
mother or sister?
me and cousin
Indiana street backyard
school picture
Me Peter and Tracey
me and jonni
Lumpy and me
me and peter
peter and me
friends on hill
Lumpy and me
YMCA State Meet
fifth grade
parents wedding
me and mother
Me and brother
me 2006
Me and mother
father in church
state meet IM
State Swim Championship
state meet me and charlie
state meet stands
state meet deck
brother school photo
Billy and Nephew Matt
Father seated
Billy and Sister