Audrey Lind 

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Audrey (on right).

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Audrey is just to the right of center.

Audrey on her 93rd birthday with myself and my sister.


I remember when she came to Texas in the leisure van with her boyfriend, and they stayed at my house in the van!!  She laughed and said if she'd known she was going to live that long that she would have taken better care of herself!!  That was probably 15 years ago......
Bob just told me about one of the last times that he saw her when Bill Meni was still alive.....someone asked Bill if he wanted a beer, and he said no, I can't drink because of the medicine I'm taking.  Bob said Audrey looked at him and said, "Quit taking that goddamn medicine and have a beer".  

                                                                                                                        Sandy, Audrey's niece

    Audrey was very young looking when I was growing up and many people used to mistake her for my mother's sister. I remember Audrey as being cheerful. She and my mother used to laugh a lot when they were in the kitchen. I remember a man named Ben who was Audrey's friend who used to visit us. I thought he must be my grandfather.
    We used to go visit Audrey in Geneva on Thanksgiving. We would drive over from Hinsdale. 
    I remember Audrey was a great golfer and used to play often with my mom. 
    She took care of herself, she had many friends. She was very extroverted and sociable. 
   When she moved to Desert Hot Springs I saw her more often. She had lots of friends there and she outlived them all.
    One of her boyfriends was Alonzo. 
    I'll remember her as always speaking her mind.
                                                                                                                    Bill Lauritzen, Audrey's grandson  



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