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The World’s Most Experienced Educator?

I get bored easily and I have never really liked the traditional educational system. As an unintended result, I may be the world’s most experienced educator. I have taught at 115 different schools, in seven different school districts, in three different nations (U.S., China, and one Native American Reservation), as both a regular and substitute teacher, over a 30 year period. I estimate that I have taught in over 1100 different classrooms, to over 100,000 students.

I have taught every grade level from kindergarten through college senior, at primary schools, middle schools, high schools, alternative high schools, adult schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities. I have taught at private schools, public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, schools for the severely handicapped, schools for pregnant teens, Native American schools, traditional schools, alternative schools, Montessori schools, Progressive (Dewey) schools, religious schools, year-round schools, art schools, films schools, language immersion schools, and summer schools. I have taught at inner-city schools surrounded by gangs and graffiti, and suburban schools surrounded by squirrels and parks. I have taught at schools with one dominant ethnic group and schools with twenty-six different ethnic groups.

I have taught students who were average, gifted, blind, deaf or hard-of-hearing, pregnant, physically handicapped, severely physically handicapped, cognitively impaired, chromosome-impaired, brain damaged, hyperactive, at-risk of failing, autistic, emotionally handicapped, severely emotionally handicapped, three years old, and sixty years old. I have taught nerds, geniuses, jocks, motivated students, unmotivated students, learning disabled students, epileptic students, and former gang members.

I have taught classes that were traditional, discovery, experiential, self-paced, computer-assisted, game-focused, theme-focused, calculator-focused, and problem-focused. I have taught using lectures, activities, small groups, projects, journals, white boards, chalk boards, video tapes, audio tapes, web sites, computer labs, and songs.

Subjects I have taught include mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, statistics, calculus, computer programming, computer applications, math for artists and designers, general science, earth science, life science, biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, social studies, US history, world history, art, ceramics, photography, computer graphics, drama, choir, band, physical education (modern dance, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, swimming, volleyball, cheerleading, dodgeball, etc.), English, English literature, Shakespeare, Latin, Spanish, business English, study skills, general psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, gender studies, developmental psychology, critical thinking, health, careers, oral English, English as a Second Language (ESL), U.S. Citizenship.

I have taught many special math and reading programs such as the Keck Math Program, University of Chicago’s Mathematics Program, and Berkeley’s Interactive Mathematics Project (IMP).

I have tutored one-on-one many thousands of hours.

Additionally, I have coached several swim teams, and given hundreds of hours of private swim lessons. (I was ranked in the Top Ten in the World by Swim Magazine in master’s swimming.)

I sought out the most experienced teachers at the schools I taught at in order to learn from them. The 115 Schools I have taught at are:

U.S. School Districts
Los Angeles USD
Glendale USD
Culver City Schools
Snowline School District
Phoenix Schools
Albuquerque Public Schools
Los Angeles City Colleges

List of Schools I have worked at:
Glendale USD: Elementary:
Balboa Elementary
Cerritos Elementary
Columbus Elementary
Edison Elementary
Fremont Elementary
Glenoaks Elementary
Keppel Elementary
La Cresenta Elementary
Mann Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Mountain Avenue Elementary
Muir Elementary Verdugo Woodlands Elementary
R.D. White Elementary
Roosevelt Middle
Rosemont Middle
Toll Middle
Wilson Middle
Hoover High
Glendale High
Cresenta Valley High
Clark Magnet School
Daily High
Culver City School District:
El Marino Language School
El Rincon Linewood E. Howe
Culver Middle
Culver High
Culver Park Continuation School
La Ballona
Los Angeles USD: (Secondary Schools)
Arroyo Seco Middle
Audubon Middle
Bancroft Middle
Belmont High
Belmont Continuation
Berendo Middle
Boyle Heights
Burbank Middle
Burroughs Middle
Center for Enriched Studies
Central High School
Dorsey High
Downtown Business Magnet
Eagle Rock Middle and High
East LA Occupational Center
El Sereno Middle
Emerson Middle
Fairfax High
Franklin Middle
Abram Friedman
Garfield High
Griffith Middle
Hollenbeck Middle
Hollywood High
Irving Middle
King Middle
Le Conte Middle
Lincoln High
Los Angeles High
Marshall High
Marlton Middle
Metropolitan Skills Center
Mid City Alternative
Mount Vernon Middle
Nightengale Middle
Palisades High
Palms Middle
Paul Revere Middle
Roosevelt High
Stevenson Middle
University High
Venice High
Virgil Middle
Wilson High
West Hollywood Opportunity Center
Westside Alternative School.
Phoenix, AZ (to the best of my recall):
Road Runner Elementary
Desert Cove Elementary
Vista Verde Middle
Shea Middle
Paradise Valley High
Shadow Mountain
Indian Reservation Middle School
Snowline School District (to the best of my recall):
Serrano High School
Quail Valley Middle School
Baldy Mesa Elementary Phelan Elementary
Piñon Hills Elementary
Piñon Mesa Middle School
Serrano High School
Technical Adult Schools:
Transwestern Institute
BSN Institute
Albuquerque Public Schools:
Washington Middle School
Hayes Middle School
Van Buren Middle School
Whittier Elementary School
Bandelier Elementary School
Academia de Lengua y Cultura
Private Schools:
The Buckley School, Los Angeles
Southwestern Academy, San Marino
Kachina Charter School, Arizona
Odyssey School, Malibu
Santa Monica Montessori, Santa Monica
Delphi School
A religious school
Public Adult Schools:
Hollywood Adult School
Johns Hopkins University (Center for Talented Youth)
Columbia College Hollywood
LA City College
Otis College of Art and Design
Xiamen University, China

Some Subjects I have studied in formal institutions (there are many others I have studied on my own):

College Algebra and Trigonometry 5.5
Calculus and Analytic Geometry 6
Calculus, Analytic Geometry, Introduction to Differential Equations 7.5
Computer Science: Basic Programming 2.5
Principles of Chemistry 2.5
Principles of Chemistry 3
Mechanics: Engineering Fundamentals 2.5
General Physics 2.5
General Physics 3
Aeronautics: Thermodynamics 3
Aeronautics: Aircraft Flight Mechanics 2.5
Astronautics: Space Flight 3
Electrical Engineering: Introduction to Electrical Systems 2.5
Electrical Engineering: Introduction to Electrical Systems 3
Descriptive Astronomy 3
Human Physiology 2.5 General Psychology 2.5
Leadership Processes: Commander’s Development 2.5
Physiological Psychology 3.0
Statistical Methods Applied to Psychology 2.5
Social Psychology 2.5
Abnormal Psychology 2.5
Experimental Psychology 3
Personality 3
Testing and Measurement in Psychology 2.5
Psychology of Learning 2.5
Systems of Psychology 2.5
Psychology of Perception 3
Professional Issues in Psychology 3
History of the US 2.5
World History 3
Military History 2.5
Airpower and 20th Century Warfare 3
American Political System 2.5
International Political Systems 3
Contemporary Issues in American Politics 2.5
Introduction to Geography 2.5
Economic Principles and Practices 2.5
Economics of National Security 3
Investment Analysis 2.5
Introduction to Law 1.5
Law for Commanders 3
Cultural Anthropology 2.5
Basic Cadet Training 5
US, Allied and Communist Military Forces 0.5
Military Instructor Training 2
USAF Combat Operations and Tactics 2
USAF Combat Operations and Tactics 2
Transition to Officer 0.5
Summer Training: Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion 4.5
Summer Training: Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion; European Tour 5.0
Summer Training: Research Assistant, Human Performance Laboratory 5.0
Command Training I: 1.5
Command Training II: 0.5
Curriculum Strategies for Secondary Teaching 2 s
Directed Teaching 3.3 s
Instructional Materials Preparation Lab .67 s
Psychological Foundations of Education 2.67 s
Microcomputers in the Classroom 1.33 s
Principles and Methods of Teaching Reading for Secondary Instructors 3 s
Composition and Literature 2.5
Composition and Literature 2.5
Advanced Composition and Literature 3 Russian 4
Russian 5
Introduction to Philosophy 1
Ethics 3
Philosophy of the 1960s Counter-Culture 3
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science 2.5
Independent Study: The Mind-Brain Problem 2.5
Great Religions of the World 2.5
Introduction to the Arts 3
Flight Indoctrination 0.5 Basic Psychical Training 2
Physical Education: Gym, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Swim 1.25
Competitive Athletics Swimming 1
Physical Education: Swim, Judo, 2 Carry-Over Skills 1
Competitive Athletics Swimming, Physical Fitness Test 1
Physical Education: Unarmed Combat, Instr. Training, Volleyball, Carry-Over Skill 1
Competitive Athletics Swimming, Physical Fitness Test 1
Physical Education: Adv. Unarmed Combat, Badminton, PFM & C, Elective 1.25
Competitive Athletics Swimming, Aerobics 1 Industrial Psychology 3
Engineering Psychology 3
Independent Study--Factor Analysis of Performance Measures 3
Statistical Inference 3
Seminar in Human factors Psychology 3
Drugs and Behavior 3
Experimental Design 3
Advanced Techniques of Measurement 3
Analysis of Published Research in Industrial Psychology 3
Industrial Engineering 3
Product Management Control 3
Engineering Biology 3